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Freezers offer similar conveniences and advantages as your refrigerator. They allow you to keep food for prolonged periods of time, prepare meals ahead of time, build a food storage and more. When they stay within the correct temperature range, zero degrees Fahrenheit or below, they thwart the growth of bacteria and allow you to save excess food.

Capital City Appliance Service understands the disruption and inconvenience that comes with a broken freezer. We won’t allow this frustration to continue any longer when you choose us. Our knowledgeable technicians have all of the skills needed to get your freezer operating correctly again.

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Freezer Fixes

No matter what kind of freezer you have – upright, chest, drawer or refrigerator-freezer combination – we can address a wide variety of issues and help you learn what you can do to keep them from happening in the future. We have provided a list of common issues below and ways to diagnose those issues on your own.

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Our freezer repair Columbus technicians work on all major brands.


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Columbus Freezer Repair Services

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When your freezer simply needs a new part, we have you covered. Our technicians carry the top brands so your mechanism will function well for many years to come. Give us a call today to troubleshoot your freezer issues. We promise a quick, quality and affordable fix to save you from food spoilage and repeat repairs.


Freezers may exhibit signs of overcooling by creating excessive frost. If you notice buildup inside the freezer or on pipes, call us right away as this can have adverse effects on the entire freezing mechanism.


Signs of undercooling will be even more obvious than overcooling. Defrosted food items and puddles result when your freezer is undercooling. Perhaps you left the door open or accidentally adjusted the thermostat. If not, let our repair team know.

Inconsistent Temperature

When your freezer temperature fluctuates, it may lead to food spoilage. When you notice your freezer having warm phases followed by cool phases, call us over to assess the root of the problem and quickly fix it.

Defective Door Seals

When door seals are damaged or defective, the freezer will detect a loss of cold air and compensate by working harder, which will result in wasted energy. To correct this problem, call our crew to repair the seals.

Noisy Operation

If your freezer makes loud, clunky noises upon startup, you may have compressor or engine problems. Get in touch with our professionals to run diagnostics and prevent worse problems from occurring.

Dead Freezer

Is your freezer plugged in? Is the power switch on? Are the breakers working properly? If you answered yes to these questions, you need professional assistance. Give us a call as soon as possible.

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