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Distressed Over Your Dishwasher?

ishwashers are a wonderful modern convenience to have. Your dishwasher saves you from doing dishes by hand, giving you the opportunity to relax with your family after dinner. When you upgrade to a dishwasher, it’s hard to go back to the old ways of hand washing your dishes. The professional dishwasher repair Columbus team at Capital City Appliance Service is here to tune up your unit so your time can be spent in better places.

Factory Trained Means a Job Done Right


The Dishwasher Doctors

Consider us your personal Columbus dishwasher repair doctors. We’re on-call whenever your appliance decides to act up. With our years of experience, there’s essentially no dishwasher dilemma we haven’t seen before. You can trust us to quickly mend the issue and give you back your family time as soon as possible.

Dishwasher Replacement Parts

Quite frequently, dishwasher problems can be remedied simply with a new part. For example, if you open the dishwasher door during a cycle and feel an absence of heat, it’s likely that you just need a new heating element.

However, you should allow our team to provide the best dishwasher repair in Columbus to resolve the problem. Attempting to do it yourself could worsen the problem and end up costing you even more when you hire an expert.
Give us a call today to run dishwasher diagnostics if you aren’t sure of the problem. Our friendly staff will provide you with an affordable solution to put the convenience back into your life.


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No two customers are alike. Capital City Appliance Service offers several booking options to save you time & eliminate the hassle! Book online, call, text, or message us. We’re here to help.

Dishwsher Repair in Columbus

Our experienced team can handle all of your dishwasher problems, large and small. Contact us for fast, reliable service near you.

Dishwasher Won't Start

Sometimes the solution to a dishwasher not starting is simple, and sometimes you need a professional.

dishwasher not drying dishes

If your dishwasher won’t dry dishes, it’s only doing half the job. Common causes for this issue include:

dishwasher door won't close

A dishwasher not closing can lead to a pile of dirty dishes in no time. Our local dishwasher repair Columbus techs can help!

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