Tips for Taking Care of Your Glass Range

Your stove is one of the most important appliances in your home. It helps you cook delicious and nutritious meals, and without one, it would be difficult to maintain a home. Taking care of your stove is crucial, and it all starts with the way you clean.

When you have a glass range, your maintenance and cleaning steps will take on a different role than for normal ranges. Use these steps to safely and effectively clean your range.

Gather Cleaning Supplies

The first step is to gather the cleaning supplies necessary to care for your glass range. One of the best supplies for cleaning your appliances is white vinegar. Some people dilute white vinegar with water and put it in a spray bottle to clean.

White vinegar is the best option, rather than harsh cleaning chemicals because cleaning chemicals can burn and put out toxic fumes you don’t want to breathe in.

Other supplies include baking soda, a towel, and microfiber cloths. You might also want to use a razor so that you can get off stubborn messes.

Whatever you do, don’t opt for scrubby sponges that will scratch the top of your range. Your glass range is susceptible to scratching.

Wait for the Glass Top to Cool

Never try to wash the top of your glass range when it is still hot. Wait for it to cool completely to avoid burning yourself or your supplies.

Next, spray the white vinegar on the glass range, encompassing the whole area. Sprinkle some baking soda over the range top, allowing it to mingle with the vinegar solution. Eventually, you will see the solution start to degrime the top of your appliance.

Wash Off the Top of the Range

Now, soak your towel in water. Hot water will provide the best avenue for getting rid of anything still stuck to the surface. Wring it out and allow it to rest on top of the glass range, covering the vinegar and baking soda mix.

Working from the back, use the towel to work loose anything stuck to the range top. Begin to push it all forward, onto a dustpan or another towel you can dump into the trash. Rinse the towel frequently to ensure you don’t scratch the top with other debris.

Shave Off Stuck Debris

Now that everything is nice and soggy, it is the perfect time to break out the razor and take apart anything still stuck to the stove. Take care not to scratch the surface, and don’t press straight down too much.

This technique will help you remove any food debris that was burned onto the surface of your range. You can avoid dealing with this mess in the future by cleaning off the range after each use, preventing food from burning to the surface.

Rinse and Dry the Top

Once the debris is gone, clean the glass with one final layer of white vinegar. Spritz the top and grab your microfiber cloth. Give the glass top one final wipedown to reveal a clean, debris-free glass top. This final spritz of vinegar can help kill any bad odors that could be lingering on your cooktop and also eliminate grease.

Contact a Professional

Some maintenance issues are too complicated to handle on your own, and an appliance professional understands your glass range best. If you have questions about maintaining your glass range, you can turn to a professional for more help.

Capital City Appliance Service provides appliance repair services and maintenance. Call us today to discuss how to take care of your appliances properly and ensure that they last for years to come.

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