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Signs Your Washer or Dryer Needs Service

Washing and drying your clothes, towels, and sheets in your own home saves you hours a week spent at a laundromat. When your washer or dryer isn’t working at the level it should be capable of, hire an experienced appliance service technician to come diagnose the problem.

Many laundry machine problems are repairable, and you might be able to fix the issue for less money than a new washer or dryer would cost. Keep an eye out for potential signs of mechanical issues so you can catch problems before they get worse and lead to a costlier repair.


Washing machines are one of the most used appliances in the home. Expect your washer to last at least 10 years if you use it properly and have it serviced when you notice problems.

Loud Noises

If your washer starts making loud grinding or thudding noises, load probably isn’t balanced well. You can stop the machine and adjust your clothes to be distributed more evenly through the drum.

In some cases, no amount of adjusting your laundry loads will stop the noises because the drum or motor mount needs to be tightened. An appliance service technician can make sure everything on your washer is properly placed and tightened.

Filling or Draining Problems

Your clothes can’t get clean unless your washer is filling and draining properly during wash and rinse cycles. If your machine isn’t filling up initially, you may have a clogged filter, valve, or hose. If all of the attached parts appear to be open and in good working order, you need to call in a professional.

Filling problems are often due to a faulty water intake valve, while draining problems often indicate you need to replace the water pump.

Drum Isn’t Spinning

If your washer fills, but the drum doesn’t spin properly during the wash or spin cycles, it might be a simple repair. If the drum isn’t turning, you could need a new belt or a lid switch, both of which are easy repairs for an appliance service professional.


Dryers are often simpler machines with fewer options than washing machines, so they tend to have fewer problems. The lifespan of most dryers is on par with most washing machines, and you can extend the life by cleaning the lint trap and duct regularly and having it serviced as needed.

Unfamiliar Noises

Clothes dryers are one of the noisier home appliances, but if you notice noises that are louder than usual or new noises you’ve never heard your dryer make before, you may need to schedule a service appointment.

The dryer drum may start to make a banging or popping noise if it is loose due to a belt that needs to be replaced or a loose or missing bolt. If you hear metallic grinding, whining, or squealing noises, these usually mean the motor bearings are damaged, which requires prompt service to avoid damaging the dryer further.

Turning Off Randomly

If your dryer starts turning off before the cycle ends, you should have a repair technician take a look. Some dryers automatically turn off if they begin overheating. This could be due to a clogged lint filter or hose or due to an electrical problem. Never run your dryer if you smell a burning smell.

Long Dry Times

One of the most common signs of a dryer problem is taking too long to dry. If your dryer is fairly new and you haven’t noticed any other problems, you could simply be trying to dry a load too large for the dryer or using a setting that’s not hot enough to dry clothes quickly.

If the machine normally dries everything fine and begins taking longer and longer to dry a normal sized load, the dryer may need some standard maintenance or a repair to get it functioning properly again.

Capital City Appliance Service serves clients in need of home appliance repair in Columbus, Ohio, Franklin County, and surrounding areas. If your washing machine or dryer isn’t performing at its best, contact us today to schedule a troubleshooting appointment for service.

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