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Should You Repair or Replace Your Microwave?

Should you repair or replace your microwave? If this kitchen appliance doesn’t heat food properly, makes strange sounds, has a door that won’t seal, or has another issue, take a look at what to consider before you decide to fix the microwave or get a new one.

How Old Is Your Microwave?

An older microwave may suffer from wear and tear issues or lack the technology you need. According to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI), the average microwave oven has a nine year lifespan. While some appliances may last longer or fail sooner, a decade-old microwave may not warrant a replacement.

Do You Like Your Microwave?

Are you happy with your microwave? If its current problem is the only issue to give you pause, you may want to seriously consider repairing it. Unless the appliance technician recommends against a repair, you don’t need to let this issue force you into giving up the microwave.

But if you would prefer an appliance with different features, newer technology, or another type of appearance, replacement is the option to choose.

Is the Microwave Part of Larger Unit?

If your microwave is part of a stove unit or built-in feature, you may have difficulty replacing it. A custom microwave space requires an identical appliance to fit. Failure to find the same microwave again may mean you have to move the appliance to another area or accept the idea that it won’t match your stove, range, or kitchen fixtures.

Provided the appliance technician can repair the microwave easily, it may save you time, money, and headaches to fix it.

What Is the Cost Comparison?

How much will the repair cost? If the repair is more than a replacement, you’ll want to replace it. But if it costs less to fix the appliance, a repair may be the way to go. Before you make a cost-related decision, ask the technician if the repair estimate includes all the possible costs. Potential additional costs can eat away at your repair budget and change your overall decision.

You may need to combine the cost of repairs with the age of the appliance to truly understand what the best option is. A microwave that is more than halfway through its average life expectancy and has a repair cost that totals over half the price of a new unit may require a replacement.

Are There Other Wear Issues?

Is the current problem the only repair your microwave needs? If your appliance has significant wear and tear you may run into problems sooner than you’d like. This can add extra costs onto your repair total. Talk to the appliance repair technician about other wear issues your microwave is experiencing or may experience in the next few months or year.

Does the Microwave Come with a Warranty?

A warranty can significantly impact the repair versus replace decision. If your appliance came with a warranty, and the warranty is still valid, you may not have to pay for repairs (or you may have a reduced cost).

Even though a warranty can provide free or low-cost repairs, it may not cover all types of damage or age-related wear and tear. Review your microwave’s warranty thoroughly and make sure the company you choose for the repairs is accepted or approved. If the issue isn’t covered, the warranty is out of date, or you choose the wrong contractor, the repair could cost you.

Does your microwave have wear and tear issues or another type of damage? Can you extend the appliances lifespan and lower costs with a repair? Contact Capital City Appliance Service for more information.

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