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Maytag Top Load Washer Not Spinning? Try This…

Piles of wet clothes and longer drying times are hallmark signs of spin cycle issues, one of the most common washer problems. Are you wondering, “why is my Maytag top load washer not spinning?” The wrong cycle or spin speed may be selected, resulting in slower rotations or none at all. Our troubleshooting guide pinpoints the most likely reasons for this problem, as well as the right solutions.

How to Fix a Maytag Top Load Washer Not Spinning

While a Maytag top load washer not spinning often has DIY solutions, there are times when a professional repair is recommended. Here’s how pinpointing the cause can solve the problem when your washer won’t spin.

Check the Wash Cycle and Spin Setting

One of the most common reasons for a Maytag top load washer not spinning is an incorrect wash cycle or spin setting. GENTLE, HANDWASH, or DELICATE settings utilize slower spin speeds for more fragile fabrics. Some model washers also allow you to vary the spin speed, making it slower or more rapid, for different loads.

Before starting a wash cycle, make sure you’ve selected the right setting and spin speed for your particular load.

Make Sure the Wash Load is Properly Sized and Balanced

Overloading the washer with too many items or a single item that’s too large can result in a Maytag washer not spinning clothes dry. If the washer drum is too heavy or unbalanced, with too much weight on one side of the drum, it can slow the spin speed. This will leave clothes wet at the end of the wash cycle and result in longer drying times.

Follow these tips to make sure your wash load spins properly:

  • Check your user manual to determine your washer’s capacity. Avoid overloading by only filling the washer ¾ of the way full with each load.
  • Balance a large or heavy item with one of a similar size. If your top load washer has an agitator, make sure large items are evenly arranged around it.
  • If the load becomes unbalanced during the spin cycle, pause the cycle and reposition items evenly around the washer drum before resuming.

Assess the Lid Switch Assembly

If your Maytag washer isn’t spinning when you close the lid, the lid switch assembly may be faulty. This switch acts as a safety device, signaling the washer to start spinning if the lid is properly closed. If the washer doesn’t start spinning when you close the lid, make sure no obstructions are blocking it from closing correctly.

Does the lid seem to close properly, with no obstructions? In this case, the lid switch assembly may be faulty. If multimeter testing of the switch shows a lack of continuity, it should be replaced.

Inspect the Drive Belt

When you find your washer spin cycle not working properly, it’s possible the drive belt is damaged. This rubber belt encircles the washer drum via two pulleys, supporting the weight of the drum and helping it spin. If the belt is damaged, it won’t be able to support the drum or facilitate turning. When this happens, the drum won’t spin at all or will spin more loudly than usual.

Inspect the drive belt to determine if it’s stretched, frayed, or torn. If there is visible damage, the drive belt requires replacement.

Maytag top load washer not spinning

Examine the Motor Coupling

A failed motor coupling can also be responsible for a washer spin cycle not working. The motor coupling connects the washer motor and transmission, conveying power to the washer drum.

While the coupling can fail over time, repeated heavy loads can cause it to fail prematurely. When it does, the washer drum will be without power and unable to spin. If the motor coupling has broken, it requires replacement.

Capital City Appliance Service can help when you find your Maytag top load washer not spinning. Call us for the best Maytag washer repair Columbus has to offer!

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