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If Your Maytag Refrigerator Runs Constantly, Try This…

As quiet as a refrigerator can be, it seems impossibly loud if it runs constantly. Should a refrigerator run all the time? While newer models run more frequently, it shouldn’t be constant. If it is, make sure the doors are properly closed so the refrigerator can maintain its temperature. Learn more reasons a Maytag refrigerator runs constantly and the right DIY solutions.

Troubleshooting When Your Maytag Refrigerator Runs Constantly

Wondering how long a refrigerator should run before turning off? The high-efficiency compressor motors of new Maytag refrigerators run for longer periods of time, at different speeds, consuming less overall energy. However, if your Maytag refrigerator runs constantly, some simple adjustments can usually solve the problem.

Refrigerator’s Environment Is Too Hot or Cold

A refrigerator runs optimally in a room that’s between 55-110℉. If it’s placed in a garage, where the temperature isn’t regulated, extreme heat or cold can alter its function. Similarly, you’ll find your refrigerator runs all the time if it’s near an oven or radiator in a greater effort to keep cool. For optimum performance, make sure your refrigerator is installed in a space that maintains its ideal temperature range.

Lack of Ventilation

If the refrigerator doesn’t have adequate ventilation to expel warm air, it may run constantly to keep the internal temperature cool. Refer to your user manual to determine how much space the refrigerator should have on all sides for proper ventilation. Make sure that nothing is blocking its base grille and that it’s not enclosed behind a cabinet door so air can vent freely.

refrigerator runs all the time

Incorrect Temperature Settings

Both the refrigerator and freezer temperatures should be set within a specific range to avoid overworking the compressor. If the freezer temperature is above 10℉, the refrigerator has to work harder to remain cool. However, if the refrigerator’s internal temperature is set too low, it may run all the time in an effort to reach that setting.

If your Maytag refrigerator runs constantly, check it’s temperature settings to make sure they’re not too low or too high. While the freezer should be set between 0-5℉, a Maytag  refrigerator should be at a mid-setting of 3, or around 37℉.

Refrigerator Was Just Fully Stocked

Loading a large amount of food in the refrigerator can cause its internal temperature to rise. Consequently, you’ll notice your Maytag refrigerator won’t stop running in an effort to cool back down. If the refrigerator is warm after being recently stocked with food it may run continuously for 24-48 hours until reaching its normal temperature.

Doors Were Left Open

Repeatedly opening or closing the refrigerator doors, or leaving them open for an extended period of time, increases the internal temperature. Consequently, your Maytag refrigerator runs constantly in an attempt to keep cool. When retrieving or replacing items, keep the refrigerator doors open for as short a time as possible and make sure they’re closed completely. This keeps cool air inside, enabling the refrigerator to run less frequently.

If the doors are closed properly, check the gasket for dirt or damage that can compromise its seal. A defective gasket allows cool air to escape and warm air to enter, increasing the internal temperature and making the refrigerator work harder. While a dirty gasket can be cleaned with a damp cloth, a damaged gasket requires replacement.

Maytag Refrigerator Condenser Coils Are Dirty

If your refrigerator never stops running and the above interventions don’t solve the problem, the condenser coils may need a cleaning. These coils help cool the refrigerant to maintain the refrigerator’s interior temperature. If they’re coated in dust and debris, they won’t work as efficiently and the condenser will run longer.

Maytag refrigerator runs constantly

Refer to your user manual to determine if your refrigerator’s coils require a professional cleaning. If not, the coils can be cleaned by removing the base grille and using an appliance brush or a vacuum’s brush attachment to remove debris.

The experts at Capital City Appliance Service can help with any Maytag refrigerator repair. Contact us to schedule your professional service today!

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