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Troubleshooting a Maytag Dryer Making Noise

The quiet hum of a dryer running is a typical sound. However, is your Maytag dryer making noises like thumping, squealing, pounding, or rattling? The ruckus coming from your laundry room may have a simple cause and easy solution.

Why Is Your Maytag Dryer Making Noise?

There can be a variety of reasons why your Maytag dryer making noise has become a problem. Some of the most common causes of a noisy Maytag dryer are easily solved at home, but others may be signs of dryer malfunctions that will need professional repair.

noisy Maytag dryer

Humming Sound Coming from Maytag Dryer

A humming sound coming from your dryer is actually a sign of normal operation. This sound is produced by the dryer blower motor, which controls the airflow within the dryer that helps to dry your laundry. A low hum coming from your dryer shouldn’t be a cause for alarm.

Rattling Noise

Is your Maytag dryer making noises that sound like rattling? This common dryer noise generally has a simple cause and solution.

  • Loose items in the dryer drum: Did you forget to check the pockets of your clothes before putting them on to dry? Items like coins, paper clips, buttons and more will slip out of clothes pockets during a drying cycle, making a rattling sound while the drum is tumbling. Simply pause the dryer, check for any loose items, and remove them.
  • Loose dryer exhaust vent: A Maytag dryer making noise may be caused by a dryer exhaust vent that has become loose over time. Oftentimes, this cause for rattling sounds is easily remedied by checking the dryer exhaust vent, tigthening and securing it.
  • Dryer isn’t level: A dryer that isn’t sitting level on the laundry room floor can cause a rattling sound as it runs. Most dryers have adjustable leveling legs on the bottom of the unit. These leveling legs can be rotated to raise the legs up or down, leveling out the dryer.
  • Dryer is too close to other objects : If your dryer is too close to the laundry room wall, washer, or other items, it’s vibrations during use will cause a rattling noise. A good rule of thumb is to allow at least an inch of space around all edges of your dryer to prevent this noise.

Dryer Makes Thumping Noise While On

Is your dryer making a loud thumping sound while it is drying a load of clothes? Generally, this thumping sound is due to an overloaded dryer drum. If too many wet clothes or large items are loaded into a dryer, the dryer will struggle to rotate its dryer drum smoothly, causing this thumping noise.

To prevent this thumping noise, make sure to only dry one wash load at a time, and that the load size does not take up more than half of the dryer drum space. For large items like blankets or comforters, try drying them one at a time.

Squeals, Squeaks, and Grinding

Similar to a thumping noise, a squealing or screeching Maytag dryer can be caused by overloading. The dryer will struggle to rotate the drum under the excess weight of too large of a load. When loading your laundry into the dryer, make sure to only fill it halfway so that it has plenty of room and power to optimally dry clothes.

If you haven’t overloaded your dryer with too many items, but it is still making a noisy squeal or grinding sound, it’s possible the clothes are overly heavy from excess water. If your washer is struggling during its final spin cycle, it can leave your clothes especially wet and heavy. A Maytag dryer making loud rumbling noise is generally due to an especially heavy load. Ensure your washer is functioning correctly if you find your clothes are unusually wet after washing.

screeching Maytag dryer

Broken Maytag Dryer Parts

Is your dryer still causing a commotion after reviewing the above tips? It could be due to a faulty dryer part.

  • Broken drive belt: The dryer motor uses this belt to rotate the dryer drum. If this drive belt breaks or becomes damaged, it typically will cause a squealing or thumping noise.
  • Defective dryer drum bearing: The dryer drum bearing attaches to and supports the dryer drum. If it wears out, your dryer may make a squealing noise.
  • Worn drum roller: The heavy dryer drum is supported by the drum rollers. If any of these drum rollers wear out, your dryer may make a loud rumbling sound.
  • Dryer not turning on: A complete lack of sound from a dryer not turning on can be just as concerning as a noisy dryer.

If you suspect your Maytag dryer making noise is due to a broken or faulty part, you’ll want to call a professional dryer repair technician. For your Maytag dryer repair, trust Capital City Appliance Service for fast, reliable service.

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