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What to do When Your JennAir Gas Range Igniter Keeps Clicking

Before a gas burner lights, the igniter’s brief clicks are a routine sound. But continued clicking with no lighting is anything but business as usual. What could be the problem if your range burner keeps clicking? Often, the burner caps are misaligned. Make sure they’re sitting flush on the base without wobbling. Determine what to do when your JennAir gas range igniter keeps clicking to resume normal function.

JennAir Gas Range Igniter Keeps Clicking? Try These Troubleshooting Tips

Though a gas stove that won’t light is frustrating, there’s usually a simple adjustment that solves the problem. We’ll troubleshoot the most likely reasons why your Jennair gas range igniter keeps clicking and the right DIY fix.

#1. The Cooktop Lock Feature Is On

Many stove models have a lock feature that prevents unintended use of the control knobs. When the lock feature is engaged, the controls won’t provide power to the burners. This feature can be helpful when cleaning the stove or if used as a child protection device. However, you’ll find your gas stove clicking but not lighting if it’s mistakenly engaged. You’ll also notice the word “Locked” is displayed on the control panel.

To deactivate the cooktop lock feature, press and hold the Lock key for 3 seconds. After a chime sounds, the lock is disengaged and the control knobs can provide power to the burners.

#2. JennAir Range Burner Caps Are Misaligned

A gas range’s burner caps move easily on their bases, making them subject to misalignment after moving heavy cookware or cleaning the cooktop. If your JennAir gas range clicking continues without lighting the burner, make sure the burner cap sits flush on its base without wobbling. If necessary, reposition the cap so it fits correctly.

JennAir gas range igniter keeps clicking
Image Credit: JennAir

#3. There’s Moisture Around the Burner

Is your gas range burner sparking even when the controls are off? There may be moisture around the burners that’s interfering with the igniter. Lingering dampness from cleaning or spills can collect unnoticed around the igniter and burner ports, even after drying the cooktop. When this happens, the burner won’t be able to light even though your JennAir gas range igniter keeps clicking.

Try giving the burner more time to air dry before attempting to light it again. If necessary, you can hasten drying by gently blotting the igniter and burner ports with a clean, dry paper towel. You can also use a hairdryer to blow cool air on the area.

#4. JennAir Gas Range Burner Caps Are Dirty

Dirty burner caps could be another reason your stove igniter keeps clicking when off. Grease, dried liquids, and food particles can clog the igniter and burner ports if they’re not cleaned regularly. This can lead to common gas range repair problems, like an igniter that’s unable to spark. Just like there is a right way to clean your glass top range, gas burner caps and their components must be cleaned properly.

Follow these steps to clean Jennair gas range burner caps, bases, and cooktop:

  1. Make sure the burners are off and the cooktop has cooled after use.
  2. Remove the grates and lift off the burner caps and bases.
  3. Wipe the cooktop surface with a damp cloth.
  4. Use a separate damp cloth to gently clean the igniter.
  5. With a straightened pin or needle, unclog the ports on the burner base.
  6. Gently blot the igniter with a clean, dry paper towel before drying the cooktop.
  7. Reinstall the burner bases and caps, making sure they’re positioned securely.
  8. Replace the grates.

While these tips can help when your JennAir gas range igniter keeps clicking, you may need professional service if the problem continues. For the best JennAir range repair Columbus, call Capital City Appliance Service!

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