Is Your Dryer Not Drying? 5 Things to Check Before You Call a Professional

You open up your dryer expecting warm, dry clothes, but you find clothes that are still sopping wet or cold. What’s going on? When it comes to dryers, there are a few components that you need to check and some things that you can do on your own before calling a professional. Here are five things to check when your dryer is not drying clothes properly.

1. Are the Clothes Getting Warm?

The first thing you should do is run your dryer for thirty minutes and see whether the clothes are actually getting warm at all. If the clothes are cold, then the heating element or the circuit board of your dryer has gone bad.

These are going to need to be replaced. Fortunately, because these are major appliance components, your dryer is likely to continue operating well for some time once you’ve replaced them.

2. Is the Vent Clear?

The dryer vent can easily get caked with lint and fabric. Most dryers will connect directly to the wall, and the wall vent will lead outside. Inspect the wall vent for any clogs. If it is plugged, then the dryer won’t be able to force air through itself as easily, and the moisture will not be whisked away.

However, that’s not the only problem. A vent full of dust and lint is also a severe fire hazard. When combined with the heating element of a dryer, a full vent could easily lead to a home fire.

3. Is the Hose Blocked?

If the dryer vent isn’t blocked, then the hose could be. A metal duct hose should run directly from the washer to the wall. Unhook it and clear it completely. You may want to do this outside because there is likely to be a lot of dust in it.

Periodically, you may also want to replace this hose because it may show wear over time. If the hose has any holes in it, then you’ll want to seal those holes with duct tape or purchase a new one. Air escaping through the hose could also reduce the effectiveness of your dryer.

4. Is There Anything in the Lint Trap?

Not only does the lint trap need to be cleaned every time the dryer is run, but there can also be things stuck in the trap itself. Check the trap for anything like fabric softener sheets because they could be obstructing the flow of air.

When a lint trap is full or blocked, the hot air cannot escape from the drum. Thus, your clothing may get warm, but it won’t actually get dry for a long time because it’s simply being tumbled in humid air.

5. Does It Finish Its Cycle?

Turn your dryer on and let it run through its cycle – checking periodically to see whether it actually finishes the cycle. Your dryer may actually be stopping halfway through, which can commonly happen if a motor or other internal components are overheating.

In this situation, you’re probably going to need a fairly expensive replacement or repair. Your appliance specialist can tell you whether you are better off buying a new one or repairing the old one.

Over time, dryers often become less effective because of the age of their parts. Luckily, dryers are fairly simple machines – which makes them one of the appliances that are best to repair. A well-repaired and well-maintained dryer can last decades – as long as the right technicians are called in.

If your dryer is currently giving you problems, you don’t have to wait to diagnose it yourself. Contact the experts at Capital City Appliance Service to get all of your appliance issues diagnosed fast.

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