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How to Wash Halloween Costumes, Wigs, and Other Accessories

After trick-or-treaters ring the final doorbell and count the last candy bar, a stained costume usually speaks to their success. Can you put Halloween costumes in the washer to remove dirt and odor? While some fabrics can withstand machine-washing, delicate or embellished materials must be hand-washed. Learn how to wash Halloween costumes and accessories so they last for future fun.

The Day After: How to Wash Halloween Costumes

While you should always follow the instructions on your costume’s care labels, some universal tips come in handy when washing specific materials. These steps detail how to wash Halloween costumes, wigs and masks so every ensemble can be saved.

can you put Halloween costumes in the washer

How to Wash Halloween Costumes

If a costume says do not wash, should you put it in the washer anyway? Not if you want it to come out looking the same. Costumes made with sequins, Spandex or tulle must be hand-washed to avoid damage. And while polyester and nylon can be machine-washed, the right settings ensure that they withstand the tumble.

How to Wash Halloween Costumes by Hand:

  1. Fill a sink or small tub with cold water.
  2. Add a few drops of gentle detergent and fabric softener.
  3. Turn the costume inside out before placing it in the water and gently kneading for 1 minute.
  4. Rinse the costume in cold water. Avoid wringing.
  5. Turn the costume right side out and hang to air dry. 

How to Machine-Wash Costumes:

  1. Select a permanent press setting with cold or warm water.
  2. Add a gentle detergent and fabric softener. Bleach can be added to white costumes to clean and brighten.
  3. After the wash cycle ends, remove the costume promptly and hang to air dry. 

After the costume is washed and dried, store it in a sealed container or garment bag in a cool, dry place.

How to Wash Wigs

When it comes to what not to wash in a washing machine, a long or colorful wig tops the list. These delicate fibers must be hand-washed with specific steps so they aren’t permanently damaged or tangled.

Here’s How to Wash Halloween Wig by Hand:

  1. Fill a sink or basin with cool water and add a small amount of shampoo.
  2. Swirl the wig in the water and shampoo but avoid rubbing the fibers together.
  3. After swirling, allow the wig to soak for 5 minutes.
  4. Rinse under cool, running water.
  5. Shake off excess water and spread on a towel or wig stand to dry.
  6. If the wig isn’t curly, brush when completely dry.

Store your wig on a wig stand covered in plastic or carefully fold and place it in a sealed plastic bag.

How to Wash Masks

Many masks are made of Latex, which can last indefinitely and provide a lifelike appearance when cared for properly. This involves hand-washing and air drying as well as proper storage to preserve shape and color.

How to Wash Halloween Mask in 3 Steps:

  1. Rinse the mask with warm, soapy water and a clean cloth. Be sure to include the inside to remove sweat and makeup stains.
  2. Air dry on a wig stand or stuff the mask with newspaper or cloth and allow to dry on a clean towel. Avoid sunlight or direct heat that can alter color and shape.
  3. Store in a sealed plastic bag or container in a cool, dry place.

Knowing how to wash Halloween costumes, wigs and masks correctly can ensure that they’re always ready for more holiday fun. From all of us at Capital City Appliance Service, have a safe and Happy Halloween!

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