7 Simple Tips to Take Care of Your Washing Machine

A washing machine is a highly used appliance in most households. The innovative appliance can clean both light and heavy fabrics at the touch of a button. As a result, most homeowners overuse their washing machines and overlook maintenance practices until the machines develop problems.

Fortunately, effective maintenance practices can help you protect the integrity of your machine. This guide highlights seven washing machine maintenance guidelines to keep in mind.

1. Clean It Regularly

Most people believe washing machines are always clean due to their regular functions. However, this is not the case because water has micro residues, usually left on the machine’s sides and components.

These residues and cleaning agents eventually lead to scaling, one of the main reasons a washer fails to clean laundry effectively after some time. You should, therefore, deep clean your washing machine often to remove the residues.

Use an effective machine cleaner to get rid of every spot and trace of the residue. With professional help, you should find an affordable and reliable cleaning agent. Some people fear that the cleaner might damage the components of the machine, but most of them are safe and effective.

2. Keep It Away From the Wall

Your machine should not be too close to the wall. This position may cause the hoses to bend and kink, which could affect water flow. Put the washing machine about four inches from the wall to prevent damage.

3. Inspect the Water Hoses

Hoses in a washing machine transfer cold or hot water from the water supply to the appliance. Therefore, when they have an issue such as leaks or blockage, your washer will not receive water, or your floor may flood.

Fortunately, you can prevent these problems through regular inspection and repair services. You should, therefore, inspect the hoses every month for any crack, rupture, or leakage sign. If the hose is damaged, hire a repair technician to fix or replace the hoses.

4. Wash the Lint Filter

The lint filter in a washing machine extracts lint, hair, and pieces of wet paper during the cleaning process and puts them in the bag. The filter can clog with hair, clips, coins, papers, and dirt particles.

When the bag is full, the filter won’t collect any more materials, which means that your laundry might have a dust-like coating. Moreover, the debris might build up in other critical parts, such as the agitator, and reduce the performance of the machine.

For this reason, you need to remove dirt from the filter regularly. If you don’t know where your lint filter is, use the manufacturer’s manual or consult professionals.

5. Buy the Right Detergent

Not all detergents are suitable for your washing machine, so you should ensure you choose the right one for your model. For instance, most high-efficiency washing machines work best with low-sudsing HE laundry detergents.

Other than using the right cleaning products, you need to use the right amount. Too much detergent will leave residue in the appliance and eventually on your apparel. Measure the detergent based on the appliance’s manual.

6. Clean the Dispensers

Most modern models have separate dispensers for detergent and fabric softener. After some time, these dispensers might have residues and bacteria buildup, which can lead to a musty smell that can transfer to your clothes.

Therefore, you need to wash these dispensers regularly. Remove the dispensers from the machine, and wash them under the tap using soap. Then, rinse and wipe them with a soft cloth before you put them back.

7. Leave It Open

After using the machine, the dampness from the wet clothes and water flow causes moisture buildup that can cause mold growth. Therefore, leave the door open for about 15 to 30 minutes after use to let it dry. Also, wipe it with a dry towel for the best results.

Proper washing machine maintenance can significantly increase its effectiveness and extend its useful life. These time-tested tips can you keep your washer in good condition.

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