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5 Tasks to Fix Up a Rental Unit Kitchen

Landlords have limited time between tenants, and they want to maximize this chance to get ready for new users while not losing out on income. Fixing up the kitchen can go a long way to accomplish both tasks. But where should you begin when repairing a rental kitchen in a short time-frame? Here a few steps to follow.

1. Service the Appliances

Inspect the appliances before you get busy working on other areas of the kitchen. Why? If you find that repairs or maintenance is required, you may need to hire a professional, order parts, or have units replaced — this could take time, so you want to start on these repairs as soon as possible.

Start by determining if all appliances are fully functional. Do you have any concerns with wiring, plumbing, or interiors that seem like they may cause problems? Is the appliance visually attractive? Has it aged and could use an update? If you have time, call a professional appliance repair service to test and service all the appliances. It’s much easier to service appliances now rather than get an emergency call from your next tenant.

2. Update Hardware

Changing out aging hardware is a simple upgrade that anyone can do, and it can take years off the look of the kitchen. Basic, easy-to-replace hardware includes the pull-tabs, knobs, and handles on cabinetry and pantry doors. You can also upgrade the faucet with a little handiwork.

Make sure that all the hardware matches and is in a complementary style for the rest of the house. Get rid of those 1970s vintage brass works, for instance, and bring in modern chrome or copper instead.

3. Spruce Up Flooring

Flooring has a big visual impact on the kitchen — and the unit as a whole — so make it look as fresh and clean as possible. If your budget is limited, go beyond a simple sweeping and mopping. Use a high quality floor cleaner and get into the corners, along the edges, and under the cabinets. Then give it a polish and shine when done.

If you have some repair budget, consider updating an older kitchen floor. This update is a quick way to make the kitchen look renovated without actually changing the bulk of the space. For rental units, opt for a durable but beautiful choice, like stone or tile. If you worry about noise pollution between units, cork is a good sound absorber as well.

4. Paint the Kitchen

Homeowners and landlords alike will tell you that a can of paint is one of the best investments you can make. In fact, you may even be required by law to paint the unit between tenants. Wash the walls and make any repairs for holes, cracks, or chipped trim using caulk or spackle before you begin.

Look for a soft neutral color — preferably a satin or semi-gloss paint for easy maintenance and cleaning — that will make the kitchen seem lighter. Single-color palettes tend to make the room appear larger, as well. You may add a fun color on an accent wall or on trim, but be judicious about this, as it may not be what appeals to tenants.

5. Check for Safety

Before you leave the kitchen and head off to prepare other rooms of the unit, make sure that you’ve addressed all health and safety areas as well. Do all the lights work, and do they have fresh, bright bulbs? Are smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors installed and functioning? Replace any batteries you haven’t changed yourself in the last year.

Does the kitchen have a fire extinguisher ready to use? Is the vent working properly? Do windows open easily in case of odors or smoke? A little preparation during transition makes your rental unit safer for everyone and reduces your liability risk if anything goes wrong.

Start preparing your rental unit’s kitchen today with a call to the appliance service team at Capital City Appliance. We’ll help you get the kitchen up and running for new tenants so you can start making money off the unit as soon as possible.

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