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5 Reasons to Call an Appliance Technician for Your Stove

If you like to cook, one household appliance you probably use a lot is your stove. If your stove is wellmaintained, it should last between 13 to 15 years. If your stove isn’t that old, but it isn’t working as it should, you should contact an appliance technician.

Here are five reasons to call an appliance technician for your stove.

1. You Smell Smoke

When you use your stove, you might smell smoke for many reasons. Some of these reasons include:

  • There are leftover food particles around the burner or inside the oven.
  • You’ve burned the food you are cooking.
  • There is leftover residue from the last time you cleaned it.
  • The oven is brand new.

A faulty element is another reason you might smell smoke. You might even see smoke coming out of the oven door. If you smell smoke and don’t know what the problem is, call an appliance technician to inspect your stove.

2. You Want to Be Safe

According to one study, in the United States over 910,000 people were treated for stove-related injuries in a 21-year period. This averaged about 43,000 stoverelated injuries a year. Coming into contact with stove parts was the most common cause of injury.

To reduce your chance of a stove-related injury, never attempt to fix your stove yourself. Gas or electricity power most stoves, and both of these types of energy can be dangerous and cause serious injury. If you want to be safe, contact an appliance technician to fix your stove.

3. You Suspect a Gas Leak

If you smell a slight gaseous odor when you turn on your stove’s burners, don’t worry, as this is fairly common. However, if you notice any of the following signs, it may indicate you have a gas leak:

  • The smell of gas is constant, even when you’re not using the stove.
  • It smells like rotten eggs inside your home.
  • The flames underneath the burners are a yellow or orange hue instead of blue.
  • You and others in your household feel sick.

If you notice any of these signs, you may have a gas leak inside your home. Shut off your oven right away, open your windows, and contact an appliance technician. You should not turn on your stove until the issue has been resolved.

4. Your Food Isn’t Cooking Correctly

If you have made the same recipe for years and all the sudden it’s coming out undercooked, you’re probably not doing anything wrong. Instead, your stove likely has a problem. And if food comes out of the oven undercooked, the heating element could be the problem.

Besides undercooked food, a faulty oven can overcook it as well. If your food comes out of the oven overcooked, it doesn’t necessarily mean you left it in for too long. Overcooked food can indicate a bad thermostat. Since a faulty thermostat poses a fire hazard, you should contact an appliance technician as soon as possible.

If food cooks unevenly, this could also indicate a problem with your stove.

5. Your Stove Has Another Problem

Here are some examples of other problems you might have with your stove:

  • The oven door does not open or close properly.
  • The burners do not heat up quickly enough.
  • The oven has trouble turning on.
  • The oven makes strange noises.

An appliance technician can take care of these kinds of problems as well.

If your stove doesn’t work like it should, contact Capital City Appliance Service. Our professional and dependable appliance technicians offer a wide range of stove solutions. We also have the knowledge, experience, and certification to conduct safe repairs.

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