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4 Microwave Maintenance Tips

A microwave is one of the most used kitchen appliances, which means that it can fail quickly if not well taken care of. You need to apply appropriate preventative measures to ensure your microwave serves you for a long time.

Most homeowners pay less attention to the recommended maintenance practices because microwaves are among the most affordable kitchen appliances. However, simple maintenance practices can help you save the money that you would have otherwise used to buy a new one. Remember these four microwave maintenance tips.

1. Use Microwave-Friendly Dishware

The container used to heat food or beverage plays a significant role in protecting your microwave. Not all containers are microwave-safe; some of them can lead to fires or explosions. Use glassware, ceramic, and approved plastics. Avoid light plastics that can melt due to exposure to a high amount of heat.

Never use metals, including aluminum foils, or dishware with metallic accents. Some microwave-friendly food packages have metallic ties; ensure you remove these ties before you put the package in the appliance. Any container that absorbs more heat more than the food shouldn’t be used in the microwave.

Food spills in a microwave are frequent, especially if the plate was full. These spills may absorb energy when the microwave runs, which will cause burn spots. The burn may be extreme that it can damage some microwave components. Therefore, you should always clean any food or beverage spills after use.

2. Clean It Regularly

But how do you clean a microwave? Dip a microfiber cloth in warm soapy water and wipe all the interiors with a light hand. For stubborn stains, heat some water for about a minute in medium heat. The steam will lose the grime, and you will easily wipe it off with the damp cloth.

You can avoid spillage by using coverings such as a wax paper, microwave cover, or paper towels. Confirm that your cover is microwave-friendly to prevent further accidents.

Other than cleaning inside, you also need to wipe the exteriors, including the area around the control panel, because you may have pressed it with dirty hands. Make sure the backside is dust-free so that the microwave may cool off efficiently. Remember to clean the area that you put your microwave, which can be the countertop or a sizeable cabinet.

3. Take Care of Your Door

Microwave door damage is among the top reasons why people call experts for repair services. You should take care of your door because the microwave will not function effectively when the door is broken. Don’t open the door when the microwave is running because this can blow off the safety fuse.

Moreover, don’t slam it because some doors have switching mechanisms that need care, or else they will be damaged. Always close the door carefully with your hand and not your elbow as many people do. Fully lock your door when using the microwave to prevent heat loss that could increase energy consumption.

4. Don’t Run It Empty

Microwaves produce heat absorbed by the food and other contents placed inside. Thus, if you run it empty, the appliance’s components will absorb the heat. These components are not made to withstand extreme heat, and therefore, they might be damaged.

If you use the microwave as a kitchen timer, put a glass of water inside. Some microwave models include a separate timer function, which can operate without releasing internal energy.The above maintenance tips can protect your microwave from damage. However, if you experience any issue, call professionals for repair service. At Capital City Appliance Service, we offer house repair services in Franklin County and beyond. Contact us today for quality services.

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