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3 Serious Problems Caused by Appliance Neglect

A neglected appliance is likely to fail and leave you without service, but it can also be a source of danger to homeowners and residents. There are several ways that appliances can cause serious damage, injury, or even death. Below are three possible consequences of using broken or poorly maintained appliances.

1. Clothes Dryer Lint Fire

Clothes dryers can cause serious damage to your property via fire if you neglect to maintain them. Dryer lint consists of bits of fabric particles pulled from clothing during the drying process and is extremely flammable.

Though the lint screen should catch a majority of the material, lint can still slip through the filter and get caught in nooks and crannies inside the machine. Over time, the accumulating dryer lint can build to substantial amounts and pose a fire hazard.

That is why you should regularly perform cleanings to remove excess lint from inside the dryer. Special lint cleaning attachments, which are designed to work with almost any type of shop vacuum, make lint cleaning simple. You can buy these low-cost implements at home improvement stores and from some general merchandise sellers.

2. Washing Machine Flood

A neglected washing machine may result in water damage to your home. Washing machines contain multiple hoses and connections; if something fails, water overflow and flooding are the destructive consequences.

The weak points in a washing machine are the two supply hoses leading from adjacent hot and cold water hookups. Rubber hoses are prone to gradual weakening due to constant pressure, exposure to heat, and natural aging processes. Eventually, a sudden collapse will cause water to flow freely into the home.

You can lessen the possibility of bursting by regularly inspecting and replacing washing machine hoses. Look for signs of bulging, cracking, and brittleness and immediately toss out any hoses that display these indicators of wear.

As an alternative, you can reduce the chances of a bursting incident by using shielded hoses. These hoses are wrapped in a thin, metal shield that helps contain the rubber and prevents them from failing catastrophically. Be careful that you don’t ignore them entirely, however, as leaks can still develop and result in water damage if not addressed.

3. Water Heater Explosion

Water heaters are typically overlooked more than any other appliance since they operate without much user intervention. However, neglect can bring about devastating consequences for property and life, including death to home occupants.

As a vessel under pressure, your water heater can actually explode if the pressure inside grows too great. Such an explosion can rip apart your home and cause fatal injuries to anyone close by when it explodes.

That is why you should take time to inspect and maintain your home’s water heater periodically. All water heaters contain a pressure relief valve designed to release water if the pressure level grows too high. This valve works automatically, but a valve that corrodes can become frozen and inoperable.

You can test pressure relief valves for functionality by periodically opening them to ensure they release water. However, if you opt to test the valve yourself, be sure you have eye protection, thick gloves and that the water discharge enters a bucket or passes through a pipe to an exit point outside your home. If you have any doubts about performing this test safely, contact a qualified plumber or appliance specialist for help.
If you have questions about your clothes dryer, washing machine or water heater, contact Capital City Appliance Service, Inc. for help. The professionals at Capital City Appliance are available to assist you with your appliances, including repair or installation, when necessary.

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