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Are Malfunctioning Appliances Using Too Much Energy in Your Home?

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What wastes the most energy in your home? If you are trying to cut your electricity bills, your major appliances are where you need to start. Your HVAC system, water heater, space heaters, and refrigerators are likely to be some of the heaviest hitters to your electricity bill. Here's what could happen to make your appliances use even more energy than they should.

Malfunctioning Thermostats Keep the HVAC System On

If your thermostat malfunctions, it will turn on the HVAC system accordingly. That means the system will work much harder than it needs to be because it perceives the temperature as being hotter or colder than it is. 

The HVAC system in a home is the most costly in terms of energy usage. HVAC systems can cost an average of $1.50 per hour to run, but ideally they don’t run all the time; they just run to maintain your temperature.

If your thermostat is running fine but your HVAC system is still on constantly, you may need a bigger HVAC unit to heat and cool your home.

Dying Clothes Dryers Need More Time to Run

Clothes dryers that lack proper ventilation or don’t heat efficiently are often run for longer. You may not want to replace the machine or get repairs, so instead you run it for twice as long.

Though this practice does get the job done, it does so at a cost of energy. A repaired clothes dryer will not only use less energy but also contribute to less wear and tear on your clothes. Tumbling indefinitely isn't good for any type of fabric. 

Dirty Refrigerators Need to Cool Themselves More Frequently

If a refrigerator's coils aren't cleaned out regularly and or the refrigerator isn't defrosting like it should, it will need to cool itself more frequently. This will lead it to use far more energy as well as dump more energy into the air since the refrigerator will expel hot air as it cools its internal components.

Refrigerators that aren't maintained properly can be unsafe because they may not be able to maintain a consistent temperature inside. If you see your ice melting or notice that your butter has become soft, your refrigerator and freezer aren't maintaining the temperature that they need. 

Improperly Maintained Water Heaters May Fill With Sludge

You should drain your water heater about once a year to remove any residue inside of it. As residue builds up, it can lead to uneven heating. Eventually, this buildup makes the water heater work much harder to heat the water inside of it. It can even compromise the outer shell of the water heater, eventually leading to a dangerous situation where the water heater can build pressure or blow.

Inefficient Dishwashers May Require Multiple Cycles

Have you ever opened your dishwasher, seen that the dishes were still dirty, and run it again? That habit is a waste of water and electricity, but it's also very common. Dishwashers frequently have to be run again because they aren't cleaning correctly, and a lot of the time this problem only requires a very simple repair.

Dishwashers may not work correctly because their sprayer arms may be stuck or their sprayers are blocked. Both of these common issues can be fixed by a repairperson.

If you want to save on energy efficiency, the first step may be to make sure all of your current appliances are working in tip-top condition. If you have things you've been waiting on, now is the time to get them fixed. Contact our appliance repair experts at Capital City Appliance Service today for more information.